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Fiona's new home!

Yesterday was the "big day" for Fiona as she headed up to her new home with Martha. Upon reflection, Mike had decided that it was very possible that this was going to be Fiona's very first trailer ride. Whenever we haul a horse for the very first time, we try to take along a 'trailer buddy". For this trip, we opted for veteran hauler, Robby.

Fiona loaded like a dream!

Fiona is initially going to be working with Martha's trainer, Jessica so our destination was her place in Remsen a 2 hour drive. Above, a picture showing a really nice example of how we've been working on her lateral ("move over") cue. Using an actual tactile cue lays the foundation for her lateral work under saddle.

Happy to report that it all went very well. Fiona's first hauling experience was a positive one. She was very "ho hum" as she unloaded and her usually thoughtful, cautious but well mannered self as she headed into the new barn.

She was pretty "wide eyed" at finding herself some place different, but quite "poised" for horse on her first adventure.Having never left her "home" I'm pretty sure that she thought she already knew all the horses ever created. However, during the course of her life, she had been mixed into different herd groups and lived in different pastures and barns, and I think that gave her some experience in adjusting to new places which was very helpful yesterday!

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