The Introduction to " The Chronicles of "Z"

GJR Zenith and Monica

The actual Chronicles of Z follow the story of me, Zenith and Monica after she took him home in May 2012. But before we get into the actual Chronicle, I guess it needs an introduction. I met my good friend, Monica Acee in early 2012. She was shopping for a horse to trail ride and had contacted Mike to see if he had anything suitable. While we didn't have anything "finished" we did have some that we thought could be excellent candidates, but they would definitely need more training. This wasn't Monica's first horse by any means. As it turned out, we were both had grown up "horse girls" and horse girls in Colorado at about the same time. We're still amazed that as small as the Colorado Springs horse community was in the early 1980's, we never met at a gymkhana or parade! But Monica was from the "west side" towards Woodland Park and Manitou Springs, and we were from the "east side". Back then anything east of Academy Blvd., was considered the frontier. Like most places, that has changed.

Monica A, Colorado

Suffice it to say, Monica is a VERY experienced amateur rider! Someone that grew up like I did...spending all day riding. We really didn't have other hobbies...we had a horse and that's where we wanted to be!

But when we met Monica in 2012, she had developed a confidence issue directly related to riding the wrong horse. After I had gotten to know Monica, I asked her more about the previous horse and the most interesting thing she said was that from the moment she had bought this mare, she thought she had made a mistake! She never really felt comfortable on her but she bought her and rode her anyways! AHA! First point made. She should have listened to that "little voice" in her head. Even when this horse wasn't being bad, she just didn't feel "right" to Monica...who had enough experience to know what the "right" horse would feel like...she just didn't listen to her "gut".

When I asked why she had bought that particular horse, Monica said that she'd been looking for a a new horse for quite a while and hadn't found one and decided to "settle" on that one. Second point made...don't "settle for less".