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Seen at 15! LeAnne and SW Arezzana

Seen at 15!!

SW Arezzana

SW Arezzana

Well, we didn't actually get to see Arezzana exactly (as show above) at Region 15! The picture above is "Ana" back in 2011.

SW Arezzana and Leanne Moseley Jeff Janson photography

THIS is Ana and LeAnne at the 2107 Region 15 Championship Show! Whenever LeAnne talks about Ana, she never fails to mention what a sweet mare she is. And I think you can see that expression right up there in her baby picture!

SW Arezzana and Leanne Boger Moseley

LeAnne and Charles Moseley have plenty to celebrate after Region 15 because their second generation homebred mare, SW Arezzana won not one, but 2 championships, the Showmanship AATH and Western Horsemanship AATR! Taking one horse to a Regional Championship show and coming home with 2 wins is very cool! But, before I share more of Leanne's wonderful horse pictures, I have to tell you that I first met LeAnne at the Alabama shows in Tunica in March. And I remembered her not because of her beautiful horse, but because of Marci! I've never shown in the southern regions, so I didn't know many of the exhibitors. However, when you're a "boxer person", and you find a person that brings their boxer with them to the horse show, you just make friends easily! I just couldn't resist including a few pictures of Marci. Just because...well look at that face! And so, to me, LeAnne will forever be known as "Marci's mom"!

Back to Arezzana! LeAnne says that Ana is exactly what they were hoping to get when they bred SW Magnumskarisma to Arezzo NL. She wanted to produce a beautiful performance horse.

SW Arezzana and Leanne Moseley, Jeff Janson photography

When Leanne saw Arezzo showing at the Alabama show in 2008 she instantly knew she wanted to use him. She proved to have a very good eye as it was October of that year that Arezzo was National Champion Western Pleasure Junior horse with Rob Bick. The cross has proven very successful. It worked so well that Ana has 2 full siblings, SW Zino and SW Rezzina. And waiting in the wings, a half sibling by Sundance Kid V!

SW Arezzana

What's next for LeAnne and Ana? Because she's a second grade teacher, Canadian Nationals conflicts with the very first 2 weeks of her school year, but US Nationals in October is on the agenda. It won't be their first trip! Last year, at their very first trip to US Nationals they brought home a Top Ten in Showmanship! Here's wishing them continued good luck in 2017!

SW Arezzana and Leanne Boger Mosely Arabian Nationals 2016

If you're interested in learning more about horses that Leanne and Charles have for sale, feel free to send Leanne a message via Facebook!

SW Arezzana

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