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Canada Day 3-Tuesday

Yay!!! While we had a LOT of working western in Westoba today we finish our classes just as the beautiful Saddle Seat Equitation class was finishing up their patterns! So everyone gets a decent night sleep!

But to start at the beginning, if you want to know how we started our day, just see the first photo from day 2!

We had all the Trail Finals today with some amazing rides! If a horse went both English and Western and Open and Amateur they did 4 patterns today!

Elizabeth has been busy adding win photos to the Jeff Jansom 2017 Canadian Nationals album on Facebook! The show has a new banner honoring the 60th anniversary of tbe show and it looks terrific!

Photo by Jeff Janson

Photo by Mike Troxler for Jeff Janson

Photo by Mike Troxler for Jeff Janson

Both arenas start back at 8am tomorrow. Westoba Arena has the Arabian and Half Arabian open reining finals.

The day went by so quickly it wasn't until Kara and I joined the rest of the gang at main ring, that I realized I hadn't featured Mike's "shirt of the day". Since I figure better late than never I got a shot of one if my favorites. Another from Carolina Perez, of course!

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