• Kathy Troxler

My Next Blog Post

I’ve been working on blog posts about the 2016 Arabian US Open for quite some time. In truth, for a year. I had assumed this event would be really easy to write about but it turned out to be really hard. I thought it would be easy because there was so much to share. But that’s exactly what made it difficult.

My very favorite (and only! sister is my editor! I try to curb my enthusiasm for posting my blog until she has a chance to look it over. Sometimes I get a gold star. There are other posts that I get a “just needs a little work”. And then there was my post about the Central Park Horse Show post.

Which prompted a phone call from Sha.

Keep in mind that Sharon and I are both about me improving my own writing skills, not just having Sharon fix stuff for me. Full confession time — there were one or two instances where I jumped the gun and she had to wade in.The reason Sharon called me was because she thought I had the potential to create something really special, and in her role as “writing tutor” she posed several questions to me to help me focus my thoughts.

A). Who was my audience? B). Why was I telling this story. And, most important — C). What story was I trying to tell? Was the story about what Mike and I actually did at the show? Was it about the history of the Central Park Horse Show and the Arabian US Open? Was it about the exhibitors?

Answers were as follows: A) I don’t know B) Because I can, and C) Yes.

My editor was not amused.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow's post WILL BE: What Happened Wednesday-2016 Arabian US Open in Central Park!