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TeamTrox & Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island

A large part of the excitement that Mike and I feel about joining El Rancho Escondido on Santa Catalina Island is the opportunity to showcase Arabian horses in such an amazing historic location. Many of our friends are very curious about where we're going and why. El Rancho Escondido was originally constructed in the 1930's and although it held up well, it had certainly earned some renovations. Ten years ago that's exactly what happened!

El Rancho Escondido's original mission-style white walls and clay tile roof represent an iconic phase of Southern California’s architectural history and the renovation retained all of those aesthetics while upgrading existing structures to current seismic and safety standards. The Trophy Room & Museum have recently been reopened for limited tours and in the future, Arabian horses will once again be giving demonstrations on Catalina Island.

Those of you familiar with our blog posts from TeamTrox and TroxlerMultiMedia know that—whenever possible—we include original images, however at this point in our journey with ERE that just isn’t possible. But stay tuned, because we will certainly be showing you the wonders of Santa Catalina Island's, El Rancho Escondido in the future!

In the meantime, I have found an excellent resource for providing everyone with the story of ERE, from a historical perspective.

El Rancho Escondido Santa Catalina Island California Gold episode

In 2007, television personality Huell Howser visited El Rancho Escondido as part of his series California Gold. At only 30 minutes long, it does a terrific job of telling the story of how Arabian horses came to Santa Catalina Island. Click here for a link to that video.

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Roseanne Moresco
Roseanne Moresco
20 de abr. de 2022

We watched this California's Gold episode on tv when living in Temecula. Joe had gone to his cousin's wedding on Catalina Island so we enjoyed Huell's show because of Joe's connection with the island and my love of Arabians.😍

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