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A page for Reggie pictures and video and suggested study materials you might find helpful!

Sharon shot mostly video on Sunday, so not so many photos for now. I'll add the video after I get a chance to edit it on the computer...lot's of wind noises to take out. Hopefully, they'll be good reference material for you! In the meantime, see what you think of the Equine Vision article (pdf file).



I have found a number of youtube videos that I find helpful and use for reference...showmanship, general horsemanship, basic dressage...let me know what you might find interesting and I'll put the links here so you won't have to hunt for them.


Right now, there is a trend in Arabian showmanship to have a more "skills based" type of showmanship class vs a "halter type" showmanship class. By his I mean that emphasis will be on pattern work! I didn't think I liked showmanship (at least the way I remembered it as a kid) but when I watch these QH Showmanship folks...they have raised "in hand skills" to an art form. What will remain the same, is that an Arabian or half Arabian showmanship team can be "equiped and dressed" in a variety of styles and highest "points" would be to show the style that suits your horse best!


The video below is an example of taking a showmanship pattern to it's ultimate expression! First of all, I don't know that I could run those circles that well without a horse!

Note...all of this video is good information, but the first 10 minutes or so is just Mike querying the forward to about the 10 minute mark for the clinic to really get started!

Michael Damianos Showmanship

clinic Oct 2014

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