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A page for Salsa and Ginna pictures and video and suggested study materials you might find helpful!


While I'm working on the edits on Salsa video and pictures, here's some information I had in my archives!

Photo Galleries! Leading Positions and Riding Postions

It doesn't matter what breed or "style" of horsemanship....the best position for leading is with the handler positions about half way between the horse's head and shoulder.

Tips for Better Ground Manners

by Richard Winters

 Leading Positions

Riding Postions

"Working Equitation...

big in Europe???

Want to see what (in my opinion) is some one of the best examples of riding positions I've ever seen. Check out this youtube video. The horse is a Lusitano and what you're seeing here is both a fabulous rider and horse at the peak of their career. In other words, a lesser horse would make him look less impressive and a lesser rider and that horse wouldn't look nearly that amazing!


The point of this video is for you to see how this rider lines up his body...ear, shoulder, hip. Also, you will see that the riders heel goes way up and back when he's cueing the horse for a turn, but other than that, his thigh hangs in a fairly verticle position, versus a chair sitting position...I just like watching this every once in a while to remind me to pay attention to my own position!

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