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Storms dam, SH Magic Touch with Wendy Snook

Empire Show, 1999

Storm photos from Sept 14, 2014


Even though Storm was a rock star as far as being very much okay with carrying a rider last week, he was still very much not certain about how to answer a very important question. What to do about pressure. Both the pressure of a riders leg and the pressures he will feel on his face that will give him directions as to where to go and how fast, especially when he can't see a rider. At this point in Storms training we are also dealing with another very important theme...Who Is In Charge? At nine years old, Storm has had plenty of time to develop a "lif philosphy" and he honestly doesn't remember signing up to have a job. But, "surprise"...he's got one now! My next blog post for him will combine pictures of  2 of Storms sessions....and some commentary from 2 others.

Storm photos from August 30, 2014


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