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Horse Trainers Labor Day Weekend... Saturday, A Day of Firsts!

Many times a "day off" from horse training is more like a half a day off! That's because when the weather is nice, you just have to take advantage of it. This Labor Day weekend in no exception. The next 3 months are the best time of year here! As you can see from the photo above, our day was going to be interesting! First, our good friends, Nicole and Brad Krauss had invited us to come to Stewart Park for their son, Blake's first birthday party. All week I had been organizing my schedule by telling people that we were going to a birthday party for a "yearling"..well, you know what I mean! One of the reasons that we chose to go with a Juke was because I could easily fit saddles in the back!

So we headed to Stewart Park at the south end of Cayuga Lake, and wouldn't you know it...what did we find at the got it! A carousel!

Over to the right you can click for a little more information about the Carousel.

Here's Mike, wondering what sort of cool pictures you could get toward the evening...maybe tomorrow!


When faced with all the wonderful food, we vowed to take it easy on the eats as we were working right afterwards. We were able to somewhat resist the pulled pork sandwiches (when we went back for seconds, we skipped the bun) but I have to confess to having not one, but 2 chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting....a total moment of weakness that I can only attribute to the fact that they tasted just like my Aunt Dorothy's peanut butter bar cookies...which I don't make very often, because they are...irresitable!

Next stop, a training session with Storm, with a possibility of a first step up for him! I say possible, because I've only had 2 long lining sessions with him, but even so, was pretty confident that I was "reading" his personality correctly. This was my 3rd meeting with Storm and he finally showed me "his naughty bits"! Colleen seemed to think I would hold that against him, but honestly folks, anyone that thinks a horse isn't going to try to "push back" at you at some point, is unrealistic. I'm always looking forward to this stage...until they argue with you just a bit, they're hiding something. Maybe not anything much, but they are not robots! Just like smart kids, eventually, they are all going to ask the question "what happens if I say "I don't want to"? And to me, it's at that point that you really find out what the horse is really like!

So what was Storm's moment of "rebellion"? Look over to the right, up at the top under Recent Posts and you'll see the link for Storm's part of the post today...Storm's Day...Good, Naughty and Great!

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