Friday 26th...Hay Day!!!

Friday wasn't the only day for putting up hay, but it was the first day I tried out my new phone. First point to make...I love my new phone for all the reasons I never thought I would. Because I usually have Mike at my beck and call for photos, I never thought it a "big deal" to have a phone that could take pictures like a camera. And even after seeing what this phone (a Samsung S5 by the way) can do, I can say that Mike's "big camera" does a better job! At least in his hands!

However, when I headed over to the barn on Friday afternoon, I wasn't PLANNING to take pictures and video! I just wanted the car! And the picture above was the only one I thought I'd be was on the way and I had my shiny new phone in my back pocket!

But, I found out they were right in the middle of the hay production in the Overbrook Pasture. So I went on down to see the newly acquired (just got it this year) hay equipment in action for myself. The guys probably think I'm crazy because I feel the urge to cheer when the baler throws another bale into the wagon!