Getting good horse photos..."Roll With It"

First let me make one thing really clear.

It's not false modesty that has me repeating "Mike is a great photographer, and I'm lucky"! With the great quality of cameras these days ANYONE can take a great photo...every so often.

But, a "real" photographer gets them MOST of the time! A great photographer knows how to adjust the setting on a camera to make up for the conditions he's having to shoot in or to get a very specific look.

Yesterday, Mike got great pictures of Robby and Chloe for me and I got some great ones of Sultanni for him.

But the reason that I got those great pictures of Sultanni is because Mikey set the camera settings for me...AND then coached me WHILE posing for the pictures! What a multi tasker! The point he had to make for me yesterday was that I wasn't allowing enough time (between shots) for the battery to refresh to that the flash could fire again!

Yep! Even though these were outside shots, he was using a flash! And because he's a great guy, he's humored me and is allowing me to do something that great photographers hate! I'm going to show you (OMG) missed shots! A shot that wasn't usable because he (or more frequently I) didn't allow enough time for the flash to fire. I thought you might be interested in seeing the difference that it can make.

So here goes!