Holiday Horse Pics with TeamTrox

Back in 2014 we were very excited to get a message from Deanna DeMark asking if she could book Mike to take holiday pictures of her and her gelding Gaston! I had been working with Gaston and Deanna so I knew this horse had what it took to get great pictures. The basics am I talking about...Gaston has GREAT MANNERS, knows what the word "whoa" means and is a doll to deal with!

Bright and early (well, early by "Kathy" standard time...actual time 10:00 am) we loaded up our trusty (Canon 1DMKIIn, 70-200mmf2.8 lens, 2 Strobe heads, 1 550 flash head, 3 pocket wizard remote triggers, stands, extra batteries, umbrella (in case of rain), 1 60 inch 5-in-1 reflector, lots of coats and scarves, Horse Wardrobe selection along with extra ribbons and "stuff"! As it turned out it was a moderately bright and overcast day. Actually fairly easy conditions to deal with as long as it didn't start raining. Yes, on December 14th we had the possibility of either rain or snow and if we had to have one or the other, we wanted snow...NOT RAIN!

Deanna and Mike checking out the "snow field". Besides working out the best "shoot zones"working out the lighting and backgrounds—we want to make it a safe and comfortable experience for the horse and handler. Gaston was barefoot so we didn't have to worry about snow balling up in his feet. There's just enough snow to be pretty but it was pretty challenging to walk through.

Since we wanted "pretty snow&quo