January Musings

Now that the Christmas holiday is behind us, I find myself under a virtual (and literal!) pile of what I’ve come to call “blog fodder”!

"Blog Fodder" is any picture or random thought that I find inspiration for a paragraph or two or…more?

I thought my first blog post for 2015 should be about what I’ve been up to that has “blocked” my blogging output. As I began to gather the photos it quickly became apparent that it would be way too long for one posting!

So (in characteristic fashion) I changed direction and decided to make a visual statement that might begin to convey the past couple of weeks, and that led me to making my new facebook cover and profile picture.

Well, at least a new cover photo because, quite honestly, I’m still in love with the profile picture of me and Chloe that Mike took on November 10th!

Looking back through Mike’s archive from that shoot, two things occurred to me. Firstly, there are other super pictures from that day and (secondly) that was the last “pretty snow” that we’ve had! Since then we’ve had rain, sleet and (what one native informed me was) “Ithication”…a local term for a delightful (NOT!) blend of snow, rain and freezing rain! Snow is very much preferable! Thanks to Alice, I have a new verb!

However nasty the Nov and Dec weather might be, it works out great for the way I have always liked to spend those two months….giving myself a “guilt free” ticket to indulge in art and cooking. Mind you…riding, training and “horse chores” still go on! But we give ourselves “permission” to cut ourselves a little slack and more time is devoted to “other” stuff that we LOVE doing!