Leading Through Gates

What kind of training can you get done when it looks like this? Can you get anything productive done? The answer is yes! Some of us are lucky enough to have an indoor arena to work in but even if you don't, simply working on ground manners will go a long way to keeping your horse's mind in the "right place".

At one time I might have considered a blog post about leading a horse through a gate to be trivial. That would be until I caught myself "wincing" as I've watched some people do it wrong. Yes, you can actually do something this simple in either a right way or "not so right" way. Just like putting on AND taking off a halter (for the "putting on" tutorial, click here.) Anyone that has led a horse that rushes through gates and doorways, has handled a horse that someone has "failed to lead" properly.

It's helpful if the horse knows how to lead properly in the first place. For this first little demo, I'm using Robby. After years (many!!!) of being "my horse" she knows I'm super picky about manners so she's not likely to mess this up.