The Genius of Paul Woolridge

Prepare to be either entertained or offended! Your choice. Full Disclosure! Scroll no further if you're one of "those people" that are too easily offended. Keep on moving if you can't see the humor of brilliant political satire. NO, I'm not talking about today's political scene. Anyone that knows me would probably know that I already cleansed my Facebook feed of anyone that so much as re-posted or shared anything having to do with American politics. Because (as a rule) those posts are just plain mean and one sided. I originally wrote this post April 28, 2017 but I figure it would be fun to run it again!

If you're still with me, get ready for some truly brilliant equestrian "political satire"...Arabian horse style. Those of you that have been involved in the Arabian Horse Scene since the 1970's have probably already seen these. But since there are (hopefully) many, many newcomers, there just might be some people that aren't familiar with the brilliance of the cartoons of the late Paul Wooldridge. Mike and I didn't get our first Arabian until 1984, and I found these older cartoons because I can't resist old Arabian horse magazines. While many of my collection of magazines had to eventually go, I harvested the most interesting bits and put them in boxes and binders for future contemplation.

Paul Wooldridge used by permission of Sue Mccandless

Paul Wooldridge's cartoons were at the top of my list of "keepers"! Fortunately for me, I was able to contact Sue (Wooldridge) McCandless. I wanted to make sure that I had the correct permissions to share these images, so I asked first. I also had Sue take a look at this post before I promoted it. Thanks to Sue, we can all take a little trip down memory lane.

But Seriously!

If you can't take a joke....turn back now.

If you can't join me in appreciating the genius of someone looking at the absurdities of the human race in general (and Arabian horse folk in particular) and finding the humor and kindly showing us ourselves, find that little "x" at the top of your screen and visit me another time.

But for those of you that can appreciate "satire" (see below) and on top of that BRILLIANT artistic talent, well keep on going. I hadn't cracked open my treasured "PW Binder" for several years. And, I tell you the truth. I did, indeed, laugh out loud!

If by chance, you're an Arabian horse enthusiast, but you just not sure you "get the joke", find one of the "old timers" and get ready to be educated! This originally appeared in the Arabian Horse World, November 1981.

Paul Wooldridge used by permission of Sue Mccandless