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Artist Monica Acee

I'm luck in that I have some really talented friends and super lucky that one of them is Monica Acee. Because Monica is the kind of cool friend that sends out Welcome to Spring cards! How cool is that?

Monica Acee GJR Zenith and Holly

Monica and I met each other because of horses. That's no surprise! What is a bit surprising is that while we grew up riding in the same part of Colorado, we met in New York in 2010. In the mid 1970's we traveled similar Colorado horse circles, tearing up the arenas in Colorado Springs, Ute Pass, Widefield, Fountain and Black Forest. And yet it took over 30 years and 1200 miles before our paths intersected. It was Monica's hunt for a new horse that brought us together! Someday, I'll share the story of Monica and Zenith, but not today. Because Zenith is such a ham, I could do an entire post of nothing but quirky "Z" pictures!

Today it's not about Monica Acee "horse girl", it's about Monica Acee the artist! Some of my favorite paintings are shown below. To see more of her work, order prints or discuss a commissioned piece,visit Monica's website at

The Red Rain Sheet by Monica Acee

The Red Rain Sheet by Monica Acee

Because I'm all about the pretty pictures, and because there are some very nice online biographies already out there, I'm going to just share some of my favorite horse portraits by Monica Acee! When you go to her website, you'll see that she paints people, dogs and still life compositions with the same amazing skill.

Classic Competition by Monica Acee

Classic Competition by Monica Acee

I'll take a pass on explaining those amazing skills. That's better left to people more experienced in writing about art. But I will say that I've learned that creating realism in watercolor requires an exacting technique. Monica uses what is called "dry brush" to create such amazing detail in watercolor.

The Greeting by Monica Acee

The Greeting by Monica Acee

Early in her career Monica was frustrated by art teachers telling her that what she wanted to do with watercolors wasn't possible. However, when she saw the work of Harold Lovell she knew they were wrong! Monica got the chance to work with Lovell and has been creating watercolor portraits ever since.

Monica Acee and Zenith

To see more of Monica's work, order prints or discuss a commissioned piece,

visit Monica's website at and follow her Facebook page at Monica Acee.

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