2016 Arabian US Open-Behind the Scenes on Wednesday!

It’s important to note the fact that I’m giving Mike equal credit on this post. Full confession time-Mike's the one that got up at 3am to get these totally dramatic pictures of the horses arriving at Central Park!

However, I also did indeed get up in the wee early hours of the morning. At 5:53am I walked out of the hotel, across 59th Street into a dark and mysterious Central Park. There was no one around. No one. When I called Mike and told him I was on my way -and I asked him how to find the barn area- he chuckled and told me to “follow the light”.

By that he meant the big flood lights that had been set up to illuminate the stabling area.While there was lighting from the street lamps lighting the path, it was still really dark. And really quiet. And really, really very lovely. And I did feel much better when I finally spied the lights and barns in the distance.

None of the photos we have from this show are “real” Mike photos. When we went we didn’t really know what our assigned tasks would be and we opted to travel sans camera. A mistake we will not repeat! Because we took some amazing images but none with the kind of resolution that we would really like to have. Learning from that mistake, you can be sure the camera will be with Mike at all times this year.

Once the horses and tack were all unloaded everyone gathered at the arena for a quick look at how things were going. As you can see in the photo above, the equipment for preparing the footing was still there for work to continue in the morning. And that Rolex clock will go out into the arena!