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Mike Troxler-The Fine Art Side

Fine Art by Mike Troxler

As if I didn't have enough "irons in the fire" this week, I've decided that it's way beyond time to feature a side of Mike that most people aren't aware of. Many people know him as a fantastic horse trainer. A horseman that is as well versed in starting a colt as exhibiting a show horse, coaching an amateur rider or teaching horsemanship skills to kids that other people might give up on. Someone that can shovel a stall, drive a big rig or stay up til midnight to get all the hay indoors.

Mike Troxler and GJR Double O Seven

Many people know him as a horse photographer- familiar with his collection of outrageously colored shirts from his appearances at Canadian Arabian Nationals.

Mike Troxler photographer Canadian Arabian Nationals

But not as many people know that Mike has a degree in graphic design and advertising from the School of Visual Arts NYC. And although his degree focused on the more commercial side of art-and he would never introduce himself as a "fine artist" -when the spirit moves him I think he is just that. And nothing captures his imagination and focus like the horses he has trained for over 30 years! In particular, he finds the exacting medium of white pastel on black backgrounds the best medium to with in order to achieve the drama and expression. There's really no better way to explain than to show you!

Fine Art by Mike Troxler Remy 2012

Ever since these images first hit our social media, we've had inquiries about what might be for sale. If you iinterested in seeing more click here fo the link to his website:

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