A Look Back at the 2017 Arabian US Open

This morning I set myself the task of tidying up my blog feed and as I was going through it, it occurred to me that the Arabian US Open is still one of the most unique experiences I've written about. Each year, Mike and I are excited to have be a part of helping to put on this very unique horse show!

Every single exhibitor that brings a horse to this show is a winner. I think they would all tell you that. The opportunity to promote the Arabians goes far beyond what happens in the arena. 2017 was the first year that I profiled the performance horses of the Arabian US Open and putting those biographies together was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done! And having National Horseman Arabian include my story of the event rings was the icing on the cake!

In this blog post, I've archived each of the individual biographies from 2017 with a link below each picture!

Team Troxler Arabian Horses New York

Performance Horses at the 2017 Arabian US Open -Central Park!

Click on the image to go to each biography!

Team Troxler Arabian Horses New York

PA Mayhem