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Arabian Nationals-Monday Morning

Good Morning From Tulsa and the Arabian National Championship Show! Fans of working western still have viewing options this morning because at 8am, the first of two western horsemanship classes will be starting at 8 am in the Mustang arena. The plan is that those horses that cross enter into trail should be done in plenty of time to switch over to the Pavilion arena! We shall see!

Horsemanship Patterns

Monday wraps up all the Finals in Trail. That action starts in the Pavilion with the walk through at about 10am with the English Trail Open and then after a one hour lunch break (tentatively scheduled for about 2:10 pm) will be followed by the HA and PB Western Trail AAOTR. If all goes according to plan the awards for those last trail classes would be around 7pm!

Trail Patterns

And of course, the Ford Truck arena has three great sessions running at the same time!

Live feed for all three arenas here in Tulsa is found here

For complete schedules, results and live feed to to!

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