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Congratulations Gayle & Moonrise Ridge Ranch

I’ve been following the progress of my friend Gayle as she’s been breeding for and competing with Half Arabian reining horses, so it was great to see her in Scottsdale. Even better than seeing Gayle was being able to congratulate her and her trainer Jessica Dooley (Dooley Performance Horses in Elbert Colorado) on all their ribbons and awards—won on Gayle’s home bred babies no less!

Moonrise Ridge Half Arabian-My Expense Account and trainer Jessica Dooley

My Expense Account and trainer Jessica Dooley Performance Horses

But wait, there’s more! That’s because her four year old gelding, My Expense Account— fondly known as “Spence”— found not only awards, but a new owner in Scottsdale Yep, Spence, who joined two other Moonrise Ridge entries, Maybe Lou Dunnit and Destined to Shine, for some fun, sun and sliding at the 2018 Scottsdale Show, will be staying in Scottsdale with his new owner Kathy Hartthe uber successful trainer Crystal McNutt.

While winning is great, when you’re a horse breeder, sometimes a sale is just as rewarding, and when you’ve just sold your home-bred Half Arabian reining gelding to Kathy Hart —and he’ll be going on to train with Crystal McNutt, well that’s just huge! Even better, Gayle still has older sister Destiny, two purebred mares due to foal this spring AND owns their sire, Quarter Horse Stallion, Shiney and Expensive aka Sonny.

Gayle Pniak with Destined to Shine and Jessica Dooley's awards in PB/Half Arab Open Reining Las Vegas 2016.

To date, Sonny has only two half Arabian babies—Destiny and Spence. And they’re both winners. Pretty good statistics so far!

For more information on booking to Shiney and Expensive, or checking out this year’s foals, you can contact Gayle at (303) 648-3364 or (719) 499-0560 or visit their website at

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