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Joining National Horseman Arabian!

As if I needed any reason at all to strike up a conversation with a fellow horse enthusiast, along comes the perfect opportunity to do even more of that! I'm now officially part of the National Horseman Arabian team.

I've enjoyed writing my blog posts, honored to have been published and excited about the opportunity to do more! I'm looking forward to catching the action at the Buckeye Show May 24-27 in Columbus, Ohio. However, I already have another exciting project to work on— a feature on the Arabian, breeders, owners and trainers of Canada!

If you've somehow missed getting your copy of National Horseman Arabian, visit their website by clicking on the image below. There's a link on the page to get your very own subscription!

National Horseman Arabian

And while you're at it, click on the image below to visit the National Horseman Arabian Facebook Page too!

National Horseman Arabian March 2018 cover

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