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Suggestions for a Horse Binge!

Here's some suggestions for great equestrian programs to keep you inspired and entertained!

Down The Fence

Down the Fence Netflix Original

Whether you’re familiar with the history of vaquero style training or not, this is a great film from a horsemanship point of view. It does a good job of telling the story of young trainers and seasoned veterans and the type of commitment it takes to chose professional training as a lifestyle. Just take my word for it! It’s stunning! You can find this video on a variety of channels. To see which ones, click here!

Martin Clunes Heavy Horsepower

Martin Clunes Heavy Horsepower Netflix

Even those who are experts about horses will probably learn something new from Heavy Horsepower! A showcase of the wide variety of ways the big boys (and girls) of the horse world have provided the literal horsepower that got us all to where we are today! Contains great footage of some of the unique ways they still do! Available on Amazon Prime

7 Days Out

Netflix 7 Days out

There were several great episodes in this Netflix original series! The first episode tracks several exhibitors as they head their dogs to the Westminster dog show, and the culture parallels horse showing pretty closely. However, for your horse fix, head to episode 4, and the story of the 2018 Kentucky Derby! I was especially impressed with the skills and focus required by the man who is responsible for being the voice of the race!

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