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Light Up With Laurel Burch!

My most recent posts on Social Media involved one of my secrets for surviving January in central New York! A hefty dose of artificial sunshine! I challenge myself to create some myself but sometimes I need a "kick start" and Laurel Burch designs never fail to do just that! I confessed to my latest episode of self-gifting when I got myself this super cool wallet featuring my all time favorite LB motifs, Wild Horses of Fire!

Laurel Burch design Wild Horses of Fire from Laurel Burch Studios

And now, I just found out you can "Light up with Laurel" in an even more literal way! Lamps! YES! Check it out! My other favorite design, Moroccan Mares is available in a lamp!

Laurel Burch Studio lamps

I do believe a Laurel Burch lamp might just get me through the next two months just fine! Well, lamps and hot beverages! I've mentioned my two favorite Laurel Burch designs! What are yours? What's your favorite piece of Laurel Burch! Leave me comment! Cheers, Kathy T

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