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To build a fire of creativity, you need fuel. Art begets art.

“To build a fire of creativity, you need fuel…Art begets art”.

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Once upon a time, I would have been one of the many people spending this snowy January Sunday digging out my barn. Taking care of twenty something Arabian horses. Taking down water buckets that are frozen solid, carrying them out to turn them upside down so the winter sun could work just enough magic to release the ice and creating a mini stone-henge of bucket shaped ice cubes. Rehanging buckets, filling them and then very carefully draining over 100 feet of hose so we could repeat the process again later in the day. Making beet pulp mash, 50 lb bags at a time.

But for me, this Sunday is not one of those days. However, old habits die hard and when I look outside it feels like I’m missing something. Like I’m forgetting to do something. So to scratch that itch I decided today would be the day I would finish up multiple projects guessed it—painting horses, writing about horses or horse people with just a touch of social media.

It was that combo of “writing and Social Media” that started me down that seductive rabbit hole of the internet. In my defense, it was all absolutely relevant and since I learned something new and amazing, I’m considering it just a side trip on my bigger journey of “ Sunday Snowday Finishing”.

Let’s see—how best to explain it? My thought was to share how the right music can put some heat and fun into an otherwise frigid day! Mike’s newish “find” Larkin Poe flashed right into my head. Larkin Poe’s music is best described as Blues Rock. The only reason I know that is because the more I listened to them the more curious I became and I found a terrific review of their latest album Venom and Faith by Hal Horowitz.

Larkin Poe Sometime

I love their Sometime, but it wasn’t until I continued my (ahem) quick internet search (to make sure I credited the work correctly), that I learned this is Megan and Rebecca Lovell’s cover of a much earlier version by Bessie Jones. Further down the hole I go, and then with one more quick click a wonderful treasure, this biography of Bessie Jones at

Larkin Poe’s version of Sometime on the Venom and Faith album is an instrumental version but here’s a very cool version done the way Bessie did it—acapella with just hand claps and stomps for accompaniment!

They said it pretty well on the caption to this video: To build a fire of creativity, you need fuel... Art begets art. And I swear, when Mike just walked in the door he mentioned what he was listening to as he moved snow and big bales, it was his Blues Rock playlist!

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