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Horse Girls Through History Lady Anne Blunt

In these days of over analyzing everything, I’m going to begin my post today by saying that when I call someone a 'Horse Girl' it’s the biggest compliment I can give. So there. In my universe, horse girls are bad-ass women of any age, from 8 to 80 and many times several years either side of that span.

March is Women’s History Month and as I’ve typed that I think my eyes rolled back in my head because confining the celebration of women’s contributions to history to 30 days seems a little skimpy to say the least. However, while the subject of women through history can fill much more than 30 days of content, I’m happy to jump on the bandwagon and shall pursue my usual theme of 'anything about horses' and celebrate 'Horse Girls through History'.

I think you'll see that throughout time, horse girls are the leaders of the pack as far as defying conventions. But do equestrian pursuits create these strong, adventuresome women or do these females let nothing stand between them and satisfying their craving for the company of these powerful animals? Bit of both? Who cares, but I’m sure someone has expounded on the idea at some point or another.

Lady Anne Blunt, ahead of her time in defying conventions
#horsegirl Lady Anne Blunt, Arabian horse history

For today, I’m celebrating Lady Anne Blunt because whether they know it or not, almost everyone that touches an Arabian horse today is touching the legacy of Lady Anne Blunt and her Crabbet Park Stud. There’s no shortage of articles on the internet about her fascinating life, so check them out!

Lady Anne Blunt: The Noble Lady of Horses - The Arabian Magazine

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