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What the heck is it ???


The discipline of Working Equitation was created with the objective of promoting the different types of equitation techniques developed in countries that use the horse to work on the farm. The aim is to preserve and perpetuate not only this type of equitation, but also the cultural traditions of each country and their horses.


The four founding countries of Working Equitation are Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy.


This discipline is practised in many countries like Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, USA and has now made its way to Australia. Each country has its own rules for its National levels but the rules for International competitions are the same for all countries.


Working Equitation

Oxidado is a Lusitano.He and his rider (Pedro Neves) are from Portugal



I have found a number of online videos that I find helpful and use for reference...showmanship, general horsemanship, basic dressage...let me know what you might find interesting and I'll put the links here so you won't have to hunt for them.

Leading Tips by

Ruthann Smith

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