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February 2015

GJR Vincenzo

2011 Chestnut Gelding

(Magnum Psyche x Dhalicious)

Yes...he's a comedian!!!! And exceptionally

well balanced as demonstrated in this one footed balancing act shown above.

 I've tried to arrange my Vinny "stuff" in chronological order, with the most recent on the top of this page. It's a LONG page and includes,

Above over to the right, under saddle (maybe 5th ride)


video: First moves and swing over

video: short clip of Vinny in round pen

video: First "step up"

photo gallery from July 31, 2014

video July 28, 2014

photo gallery from July 28, 2014


Vinny's first "moves" with weight and Mike's first "swing over" on him. This was done on Sept 19, 2014

Vinny in the Round Pen...just a tiny bit as Mike was shooting it with his cell phone while working him! This was done on Sept 19, 2014

Vinny first step up 8-29-2014

Vinny's lesson on Thursday, July 31, 2014

the day I wish I had the video camera!

Vinny video 7 28, 2014

Vinny pictures!

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