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Colorado Trip!

There are lot's of reasons that I'm looking forward to visiting Sharon, but one reason is she has better "dirt" than I do! Yes, I said, "dirt". When we moved to NY, little did I know that the thing I would miss most (horse training-wise) was the naturally sandy soil, aka, ground, footing, it what you will...I took it for granted! What Sharon missed when I moved was having her own round pen...which she's taken care of! Above, Sharon's round pen, perfectly "fluffed" and ready! She and her hubby Chris built this terrific round pen and I think she's found many uses for it already!

Here's (one thing) I've learned about riding in NY. The ground here (by that I mean the natural stuff "unadultered" by any thing), is great for growing hay (and anything else!), however, it's not fun to ride on. When it's dry, it's like slippery astroturf over concrete, and when it's damp, it's like trying to ride on a slip-n-slide and when it's wet, it can just plain suck a shoe right off!

So, on a day to day basis, I miss dirt (but not wind and fires!) and working with my favorite "student", my sister Sharon! Saying that Sharon is "a planner" is an understatement! I'm lucky to have her to keep me organized and to create cool graphics for me! Yep, I can tap, not one, but two talented designers when I need one! Below, the "agenda" that Sharon emailed me!

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