Queen Dee

Sha, grand daughter Tayla Grace and Dee

Sharon and her granddaughter Tayla, continuing the legacy of "horse girls" courtesy of Dee!

For a while now, I’ve been stymied as far as how to get back into writing my blog.

Lack of posting hasn’t been because of lack of topics, but rather trying to decide which one to work on!

The recent “horse picture posting challenge” on Facebook has at least narrowed it down for me. The first three, Ibn Mabrouk, Empyrean and Highlander were easy choices. After that, I had a bit of dilemma as to what horse would be next. So I decided upon order of “go”. The order they came into our lives.

That means that “Queen Dee” is next! The problem?

How to condense, into a short blog, the story of Dee.

As Mike and I were driving home last night, I said, “how do I write a short blog about Dee?” There was a not so helpful chortle from Mikey. That’s the very best thing about Dee, and the first thing I’ll say about her. No horse created more joy or laughter than Dee. And I wish I could take credit for her “amazing-ness”.

But honestly, horses like Dee are born not made. I like to think we were worthy stewards of such a mare and while I'm hopeful, I doubt that we'll ever have another quite like her!

The beginning is really quite mundane. Nothing exceptional about it. In 1996, a simple ad in the “Horses for Sale” section of the local paper, said “bay Arabian mare for sale”.

Deianira KA

Deianira KA (Samburu KA x Daphne KA, bred by Klee Arabians)

We looked, we liked, we brought her home. This was way before the luxury of doing research on arab data source, but I recognized enough of her pedigree (I already had stacks and stacks of Arabian Horse World magazines) to know that she wasn’t a local girl. And the nice man I brought her from said that he had brought her back from MO when he brought a load of walking horses back. He traveled back and forth between Colorado and MO taking lumber one way and bringing horses back. Dee was on his trailer because he had room for a small horse among the larger walking horses.

That still didn’t completely explain how a Pure polish mare b