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The Gauntlet-As told by Sharon

Arabian Gelding Hillcrest Breze
Hillcrest Breeze photo by Jeff Janson

The best Christmas tradition in our family is our joy of "making"! Our earliest Christmas presents were made by our Mom and the days on our "Days to Christmas Calendar" was packed with things to do and make. Each day we couldn't wait to see what our activity would be. Setting up decorations around the house and the tree were of course majorly exciting, but there were baking and making days as well.

Which pretty much explains our love of the holiday and why, most years, we come up with presents that we design and/or make.

Several years ago my very creative sister gave me the best Christmas present ever! I had instructions to wait to open it because Sharon wanted to be on the phone with me on Christmas eve when I did.

Inside was a very cool pillow featuring a picture of Sharon and Breeze...a picture taken by our good friend Dave Glasl at the Estes Park horse show. I had found this photo on a disc and used it in one of my Facebook albums. When I mentioned this picture to Sharon, she said "you know, that is one of my all time favorite pictures of us". Believe me, Sharon has TONS of fantastic pictures of Breeze. He is as gorgeous and photogenic as he is complicated!!! Then she told me why this picture in particular is her very favorite and never gave that conversation a second thought—until I opened her Christmas present to me that year.

Custom decorative pillow featuring photo of Sharon and Breeze at CAHC Estes Park Horse Show

Attached to a pillow featuring that photo was another small gift, the true heart of the present. It was a 2 inch by 3 inch book with her story of "Running the Gauntlet", a short story that is really epic!

Sharon and Hillcrest Breeze

In the beginning. Kathy and Breeze 1998, Ellicott Colorado

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