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Storm, the Sequel

Team Troxler Training/Kathy Troxler

Back in Sept of 2014, Mike and I started the under saddle training of a very cool Half Arabian gelding named Storm. A very handsome bay with a "want to please" attitude he is a joy to train. Circumstances conspired and between one thing and another, Storm has had 2 year vacation.

This past week I've had 3 lessons with Storm. He's a little over weight and out of shape. However, after the initial first lunging session where his attitude was a bit on the "festive" side, he's remembering absolutely everything! To recap where we left off in the fall of 2014, see below. If you want to see the details of these sessions, I'll include a link at the end.

Below, 3 pictures showing Storms first "step ups" with Mike...left side first.

What a champ!

Now, repeat on the other side...Off side mount.

Today I did a review session of what you see above, EXCEPT that instead of long lining with my drive lines attached to the bosal (he's just carrying the bit to get accustomed to it), today I had my lines attached to a snaffle. My thoughts are that he still could benefit from some more practice as shown above, although we made a fair amount of progress as far as him understanding exactly what he was supposed to do when he felt pressure from the bit.

Hopefully, we'll have a lovely morning tomorrow and my fantastic side kick and partner with the camera and the long legs will come along with me!

If you're interested in ALOT of details about the long lining and step up sessions, go to



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