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My "Renaissance Man"

As I'm searching for photos for my blog posts, I come across many, many (MANY) "Mike pictures". Either photos taken by Mike, or photos of Mike! It's the variety of "Mike pictures" that's amazing (at least to me!). Once I started collecting pictures that showed all the different aspects of what Mike can do, I decided to make today's blog post about "My" Renaissance man. And while it sounded really cool, I decided to look up the terms and make sure I was using it correctly. A "Renaissance Man" is defined as "a man who is knowledgeable or proficient in a variety of fields. He is an intelligent man who excels in many areas. "

Yes, he is and better yet, yes he's mine.

I next decided that I wanted to create a photo collage to use with this post. The fact that this decision resulted in not one, but two calls to Mike in his role as "photo shot tutor", is just one more example of the skills in his tool kit!

Mike Troxler Renaissance Man

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