Morgan Tyler. The next step!

Kathy Troxler, Morgan Tyler and Harthrob 2016

Right now, I have 5 (maybe more) unfinished blog posts! Sometimes it's hard to decide which one to finish. Today, Facebook helped me out by showing me something I posted a year ago. It was 2 photos I put together to feature for Morgan's birthday! I had already knew I wanted to write a "Morgan post" but I got "bogged down" trying to decide where to start!

Should I start with today's point (her really cool new horse, Karwan) or should I start at the beginning. I decided that I should start at the beginning! Sort of!

Morgan and Kathy and Song. One of her first lessons.

The earliest picture we have of Morgan, is the one above. This is one of her first lessons with me with her mare named Song! I can't remember how old Morgan was, but couldn't have been more than 10!

Of course, it wasn't long before we were getting photos like this! Morgan and Reigning Phire (sired by the park horse Reign On, I'm sure his western pleasure career was a surprise to everyone!). Phire, at the current age of 29!, is just as much a "snorty gentleman" as ever!