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Alabama All Arabian Horse Show

Arabian Horse Show Alabama

Last year, when Mary Janson invited me to join the Jeff Janson photography crew at the Alabama All Arabian Horse Show in Tunica, my first question was "where in the world is Tunica"? As it happens, Tunica is in Mississippi, but that didn't stop this Alabama club from moving their horse show to Tunica-because this is the kind of facility that horsemen enjoy taking a horse to. Check it out! What's not to love?

Alabama Arabian show in Tunica 2018

In other words, they've got good dirt, schooling arenas, safe stalls and hot water-and great people!

Arabian Horse Show Tunica MS

All of the show staff are committed to making this show really horse and exhibitor friendly! According to show manager Tom Chasteen, the Alabama Arabian Horse Club has put on a show for over 30 years. Like most horse shows, it has had it's ups and downs. The show management realized that in order to survive, the show needed to adapt and evolve. One of Tom's comments to me was that their show wanted to have a lot of "added value" for the exhibitor. It's actually a simple concept. Horse shows compete for exhibitor attendance and the shows that offer the most value will attract the most exhibitors. The added value of this facility in Tunica, comes from not only a top class facility, but as from a wide range of other amenties and activities as well. Click here for the link to the Fun at the Show page. The Memphis International airport is about a 40 min drive, so it's not difficult to shop for plane tickets. And if you have family members that need a break from all the horse showing, there is Memphis itself to explore! The show definitely made the exhibitors feel welcome.

Since taking the bold step of moving the show, the number of entries almost tripled. And I should explain right now, that we're not actually talking about one show! In addition to being in a cool location, the management offeres 2 shows qualifying for 4 Regions! The first two days -judges will be Jack Thomas and John Rannenberg and will qualify competitors for Regions 9 & 12. The second show, judged by Johnny Ryan and Jim Lowe, qualify for Regions 14 & 15. The show offers not only Halter but Straight Egyptian Halter.There is also a full compliment of Sport Horse classes judged by not one, but two judges that will be judging Sport Horse Nationals this year. In the Sport Horse division, Region 9 & 12 will be judged by Leslie O'neal-Olsen and Carole Bishop (a judge slated for Sport Horse Nationals). Region 14 & 15 Sport Horse Judges will be Fatima Pawlenko-Kranz (also judging 2018 Sport Horse Nationals) and Patty Wright-Shoemaker.

For all the information on the 2018 Alabama All Arabian Horse Show-click here!

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