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Blue Ridge Arabian Classic Wednesday

It's been a while since I've been to the Virginia Horse Center. My last visit here was in 2013 when we brought Tonka to the Sport Horse Nationals. This is going to be a very different experience, because instead of showing horses, I'm assisting show secretary extraordinaire, Lindsey Hager.

It's gorgeous in Virginai in June. Very, very green. You do pay for all that green with rain and heat and humidity, so when my sister Sharon messaged me about the first beautiful picture that I posted from VA, I had to answer her question truthfully. There's a bit of price to pay for that gorgeous view!

The view heading up the hill to the outdoor dressage arenas

The Virginia Horse Center (VHC) facilities more than make up for the climate. It's no secret that I'll drive (okay, full honesty, I'll have "Michael" drive) 3 times the distance to give our horses a great experience at a good facility. That means arenas. Notice the plural. Not just a good show arena, but good practice arenas. It's pretty hard to beat the Virginia Horse Center! According to the VHC website, it has 19 show rings!

Virginia Horse Center

View of the Virgina Horse Center

Today was the official check in day. There was a steady stream of trainers and owners (or the most organized person in their barn) with amazingly organized binders full of registration papers, membership cards and Coggins tests! I'm definitely going home inspired to improve my paperwork!

This show has 2 arenas going full time! The action starts tomorrow (Thursday, June 15th) at 9am with "main ring" classes in the Anderson Coliseum and Sport Horse in the Reel Arena starting at 8am.

View of the Ault Arena, the covered warm up and entry into Anderson Coliseum, main ring for the Blue Ridge Arabian Classic

View of the Main Ring, Anderson Coliseum

The Sport Horse Venue, Reel Arena, home for the Sport Horse Under Saddle, Sport Horse In Hand, and Dressage.

After a flurry of added classes and questions about start times and number of entries in classes, it's almost time to close up shop here in Lexington. Perhaps this is where we'll have breakfast tomorrow!

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