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Blue Ridge Classic Saturday

You know that a show is going well when, on day 3, the show manager looks like this!

Robert Obermiller has been managing the Blue Ridge Arabian Classic for 3 years and brings tons of experience! By tons I mean he's been managing horse shows for 30 years and a USEF steward (C1 and C2) for 10 years. He's at a show, in one capacity or another, for 28 weeks out of the year.

The announcer is another one of those people that sets the tone of the show.

Lynn Glover makes this job look easy and it isn't, especially if you're doing the music as well!

Show photographer is Tracy Kelsey!

It's all about Championship classes today and it was fun to see such a nice class of Country Pleasure Amateur horses!

And having observed the action of this in gate, Lisa doesn't need to work out for at least a week!

However, when everyone else has left the paddock, Lisa's job isn't done. The paddock manager is also responsible for making the announcements to the barn about the start times. A really good paddock manager also lets you know if there are any cancelled classes and the number of entries in the classes in the upcoming session! The reason everyone in the barn knows where they need to be and when, is Lisan shown above making her 30 minute call for the last session in the Anderson Coliseum for this year's Blue Ridge Arabian Classic! Hope to see everyone here next year!

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