Why Invest in Print?

Kathy Troxler photo

As exhibitors from the Canadian Nationals are making choices about what images to use for their upcoming US Nationals promotions, and the advertising deadlines for the publications draw closer, some might be tempted to ask, “Why, with all the various forms of digital marketing available, should I include traditional print media in my promotional campaign?”

Photos by Jeff Janson Photography

The answer:

Because there is something about a gorgeously designed cover on high quality paper that just says "pick me up and see what's inside". When these publications with stunning covers are made available to people strolling through the barns and vendor area at US Nationals in Oklahoma City, people will want to pick them up—people who are attracted to the cover and the images inside. They can take it home, and it will sit on their coffee table or desk without being turned on and without being searched for. It will sit there being patiently beautiful—and always available.

We have a different experience when we page through a magazine with a cup of coffee, or as a relaxing wind-down after a hectic day. A different experience than we have if we're looking at the same information on a screen. Why? The answer comes from neuroscience! I found an issue of Forbes magazine that addressed this very issue. If you want an in depth article with lots of citations click here! But for the short answer read on.