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Debuting at Central Park-Christina and Jimmy

Christina and her “gentle giant” Jimmy are just one of a handful of horse and rider teams who will be showing at the Arabian US Open for the first time this year.

Christina and her family were specifically shopping for a hunter pleasure horse when they discovered the six-year old bay Wize Beybe (sired by Afire Bey V and out the mare Wize Berry) and brought him home! Christina says, “Jimmy is really large for purebred Arabian-over 16 hands. But he seems to be very aware of his size and he’s cautious when turning.”

"He's a gentle giant. Kind, honest and sweet. He’s a true pleasure to show—always giving it his all. He makes me a better rider and I’m honored to be his human.

Jimmy is a picky eater when it comes to grain, but he loves all kinds of treats even though when we got him he really didn't know what they were.”

“We haven’t shown at Central Park before. It is a true honor to represent the Arabian breed in such a unique show.”

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