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Riding the "Young Gun at Central Park-BrookeMarie with Surface to Heir

While this will be the first trip to Central Park for Surface to Heir-nicknamed Surfer Boy-it's a return visit for his owner BrookeMarie Jarvis. "I was privileged to show in Central Park during the inaugural Arabian U.S. Open Horse Show in 2015. I can honestly say it was a dream come true to show in the big city. I don’t think I stopped smiling for a second and couldn’t help but look up at the skyscrapers during my class and say, “is this real life”?. My mother, Kimberly Jarvis and I are huge proponents of bringing the Arabian horse to new places in hopes that others will fall in love them just we have; Central Park was the perfect opportunity and venue to accomplish this. When we were walking from the barn to the arena for our practice ride we stopped by so many outsiders who kept saying, “Oh my goodness, these horses are different! They’re absolutely beautiful!”

"We bought Surfer Boy when he was just a weanling in a group of English prospects. His sire is Afires Heir and he's out of the mare Miz Show Biz. He was the wimp of the herd and had to be moved in with all the fillies because he was constantly getting beat up.When I first started riding Surfer Boy he didn’t have a barn name/nickname and it bothered me; I think there’s something really special about choosing a barn name that fits the personality of a horse. After a few rides and spending time with him in his stall, grooming him, untacking him, and walking him it was evident that Surfer Boy was eager to please when someone was on his back but a goober in the crossties. When we were at the Buckeye for our first show together I was in his stall talking to him and spoiling him with apples and carrots and I imagined his voice sounding like a California surfer dude".

"Surfer Boy is really fun to show because he’s very receptive to what I ask of him and he LOVES his job. He is intrigued by anything new and exciting and rarely puts an ear back, even in the lineup. He’s a young gun at the ripe age of 5 which makes it more exciting because as an amateur you get to mature together".

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