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From Central Park to Tulsa-CSP Hennessy and Friends!

The 2017 Arabian US Open in Central Park saw several new teams competing as well as returning veterans of the show. After several weeks of resting up, some of these horses are now on the road to Tulsa and the US Arabian National Championship Show! In fact, all 4 Gold Championship Performance winners, EQ Escalade, PA Mayhem, PA Kid Khan and Harry Trotter are all on their way to Tulsa! But wait, there's more!

2017 Arabian US Open CSP Hennessy and Dr. Nancy O'Reilly

Joining them, Dr. Nancy O’Reilly and her powerhouse bay gelding, CSP Hennessy! 2017 was their first time to compete in Central Park, but a National Championship arena is home turf for Hennessy. Starting in 2009, when he was a four-year old, Hennessey has brought home National Top Tens or better for eight consecutive years! 2017 is not the first trip to US Nationals for Dr. O’Reilly either, but it will be their first trip as a team as he joined her herd of horses less than a year ago!

When asked how she came to be showing Arabian horses, Dr. O'Reilly's response- "Riding came later in my life. I would jump on a horse for fun or go to a dude ranch or two. I bought my first horse in 2012 when my friend Krystal took me to Chrishan Park to immediately fall in love with horses. My first real horse show was with Cey Hey, a Hey Hallelujah baby in 2014. He was one patient horse that's for sure. It's the hardest and the best thing I have ever done in my life. I love it and it makes me crazy sometimes but I love the horses and the people who love them. It's a perfect combination. I bought Hennessy after a call from super sister Pam O'Reilly. She said I needed to buy this amazing horse named Hennessy. She said he was the best horse ever. He was a favorite at Oak Haven Farms but I am now sure he was meant to be mine. He has quite the personality and is a funny endearing fellow. He is always ready to greet you and has a funny cute thing he does with his head. He turns it side ways to greet you. It's very sweet. I am sure he learned this from all the attention and love he received at Oak Haven.

Guess you could say "I am all in". Central Park Arabian Horse show was one for the bucket list. I ran the New York Marathon and rode my horse in Central Park. Can it get any better??? Why not???

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