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They Do Remember-Thanks Devona!

Today, is my first day greeting exhibitors at the Arabian US National Championship show and checking them in at the show office. Quite contrary to my usual routine, I'm up really early trying to keep to my goal of writing something every day. I really enjoy writing, so motivation isn't the problem, but I thought that finding my topic each day would be the challenge!

Kathy Troxler showing Arabian stallion Ibn Mabrouk Estes Park-Judge Don Burt

Kathy Troxler and Ibn Mabrouk, Estes Park Arabian Horse show- 1st place Western Pleasure Novice horse-Judge Don Burt-22 entries

Perhaps, but thanks to a comment from a friend on facebook-bazinga! As I sit here getting ready to be one of the many cogs in the human machine that drives this horse show forward-checking my email and messages on facebook-my absolutely first connection to my life as a professional trainer (Devona Grega) had this to say in a message to me-

"Thanks for believing that failure is okay. And thanks for all the memories along the way"

Wow! Devona was my very first client back in -OMG- 1982! We had great times, but as often happens, life steered us in different directions and I'm pretty sure that we haven't talked with each other (aside from in the facebook universe) in 15-20 years.

And yet, In seven (SEVEN!) words Dev cut straight to the heart of-not only how Mike and I teach riding and train, but everything my folks taught me about life. It is okay to fail. If you haven't "failed" you haven't tried something new and challenging. End of statement.

So, that's my message for everyone today! Channeling the messages that my folks (especially my Dad) delivered to Sharon and I every single day

Make good choices. And-Sharon's evolution on "failure"-one that she shared with me when trrying to explain to her corporate friends "how to be creative"-Fail Fast and Fail Often!

Fail Fast+Fail Often=Growth and Success!

Cheers from Tulsa

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