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One of my favorites from US Nationals

If you were at the Arabian Nationals in 2005, you might have been in the stands when a very special victory lap was done! Obviously, there are many, many victory laps in any National show, but this one was unique.

In 2005, the Taylor Ranch brought *Aladdinn to Albuquerque. *Aladdinn didn't make this trip to compete, because he was honestly already a legend. This visit to the US Nationals was to give Arabian horse fans and enthusiasts a chance to meet a legend of the breed-and to take part in a very special presentation.

Today the blanket of red roses is an iconic symbol of the Arabian National Champion, but that hasn't always been the case. I haven't been able to find out when this tradition started, but in 1979 when *Aladdinn was named National Champion Stallion-out of a field of 83-yes 83!!- entries, the roses were not yet part of the presentation.

And someone (someone smart) decided that *Aladdinn deserved to wear those roses and his fans would love the chance to cheer him on.

They were right!

*Aladdinn loved the people and the people loved *Aladdinn. He held court for way over an hour, a perfect gentleman with his fans.

Later in the show, I was just outside the in gate as Isaac Taylor was waiting to go in. I watched *Aladdinn transform. As he approached the out gate, he didn't get unruly, but I watched him look down the tunnel into the arena-and he changed. He seemed to actually puff up, the sparkle that had been in his eye all along, sort of fired up, he flagged his tail.

And 30 year old *Aladdin pranced into the ring.

After the fact, it occurred to Mike that everyone might like to share in this celebration of *Aladdinn so he put together this video to show at the 2005 Convention.

*Aladdinn presented at the 2005 Arabian US Nationals by Isaac Taylor, Taylor Ranch.

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