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Arabian Nationals-Terry Wegner-The Voice of Working Western

At the Arabian Nationals, the Mustang is home to the world of Working Western. In the world of Arabian horses that means it’s where you’ll find the riders and trainers of Reining, Western Horsemanship, Working Cow, Herd Work and Cutting. Last Friday, I discovered that it’s also where you’ll find the best breakfast deal. Tucked away in a corner you can order the special and your two eggs are cooked to order.

As I was waiting for my order last Friday, the reining was underway. I heard the announcer, and I just had to smile because the mellow voice over the loud speaker was none other than Terry Wegener, one of our many friends from our days in Colorado.

Terry Wegener  announcing Arabian Nationals 2017

I have a very vivid memory of the first time I heard Terry’s voice. This goes way back to 1986 and the Estes Park All Arabian Horse Show! Terry’s voice wasn’t coming over the speaker, because back then Terry was in the ring competing and he was sitting right next to me in the line up of a western pleasure class. Mike and I were showing our first Arabian, a handsome grey stallion named Ibn Mabrouk.

Ibn Mabrouk and Kathy Troxlr

We were having a blast even though we didn’t know a soul in the Arabian horse community. I can’t actually remember if the class we were in was the Western Pleasure Maiden horse (which had 22 entries) or Western Pleasure Novice horse (with 31). What I do remember is that while we were awaiting the results Terry — who didn’t have a clue who I was — turned to me and asked, “Did you have a good ride?” I replied that I did indeed have a pretty good go and asked him the same. To which he responded—with a nod and a smile—“Yep, I had a pretty good go too.”

Just like that—with a very simple nod and a smile—Terry made a couple of newbies feel like one of the family. Years have passed and, like a lot of folks, our lives have taken us both on some interesting journeys. But when I hear Terry’s voice over the PA or see him in the show office, it seems like no time has passed at all since Mike and I were the new kids on the block and Terry made us seem like one of the family!

My hope in sharing my little story is to remind us all that it doesn’t take a grand gesture or huge production to open the door to our Arabian horse community, and that the smallest gesture can yield an amazing result.

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