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Arabian Nationals-Showmanship & Horsemanship

The classes for Arabian and Half Arabian Adult Showmanship and Horsemanship are becoming more and more popular! Here's the links to the videos of the classes from the 2017 Arabian Nationals in Tulsa! These classes went straight to a Semi-final/Final-so one chance at the prizes!

Arabian National Championship 2017 Champion and Reserve

Western Horsemanship

A/HA/AA Western Horsemansip AATR 19 - 49 Champ

A/HA/AA Western Horsemanship AATR 50 & Over Champ


A/HA/AA Showmanship AATR 19 - 49 Champ

A/HA/AA Showmanship AATR 50 & Over Champ

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