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Perfect Gifts!

I’m willing to be you’re already familiar with the work of Jody Lynne Werner—you just don’t know it!

You may have seen her cartoons Mac and Jill, The Near Side, or the equine advice column Dear Murray. Who is this person that seems to have personally met every gelding or mare that we’ve owned? From her website—the Condensed Version:

"Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved horses and loved to draw and write. It's all she wanted to do. When she grew up she tried many "real" jobs but just never fit in. She would draw cartoons of her co-workers and doodle caricatures in the margins of her notes during meetings. Everyone thought they were hilarious. Except her bosses. Which is why she went through a lot of jobs. After many years making good money at jobs she hated, she decided to follow her heart. She quit working for other people to pursue artwork full time."

And this is where I share something really cool! You can have your very own customized Cartoon by Jody Lynn Werner! What better Christmas present could there be for the horse folk on your Christmas shopping list? —or, in the case of my sister Sharon—the perfect present to herself! What better way to have a pick me up in the middle of your work day as you slog away at the job that supports your horse habit?

Breezer (AKA Hillcrest Breeze++/). Photo shoot by Jeff Janson-2002

Jody has definitely created certain cartoons that have us thinking she's had surveillance cameras trained on Breeze for all of his life! The cartoon above is one of them. However, have you ever seen the "There's no plastic under your bed"? That also perfectly illustrates Breeze's conspiracy theory of life in general as well!

It's super easy to have any horse immortalized by Jody! You just need to send her some photos so that she can incorporate the markings!

You can find her on Facebook at:

Or at her website at:

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