US Nationals Trail Finals!

Want to see what it takes to win the red roses at the Arabian Nationals in Trail!? So do I! Even though I was in Tulsa for the entire show, working in the show office meant that I didn't get to watch a lot of classes. Thanks to the video taken by Arabian Horse Global, we can watch every stride! For the purposes of this blog post, I'm focusing on two of the Trail finals: Half Arabian Western Trail Junior Horse and the Western Trail Open Final. I'm trying to provide quite a bit of information, and have created a new page on our website entitled, Rules, Patterns and Fun Stuff. On this page you'll find document links for pdf's of the patterns and a menu that shows the final placings along side the time that each horse will appear on the class video.

The championships were awarded based on a combination of the score in the Semi Finals held on Friday and the score on the course in the Final held on Sunday.

Five judges scored the class, with the high score and the low score discarded and the remaining scores added together. Each horse starts the course with a score of 70. Think of that as "par". Each obstacle has a penalty score and a maneuver score. Click Here to go to the page for Rules, Patterns and Fun Stuff and you can find a file for Arabian Trail Scoring that will give you an idea of how closely a trail judge has to evaluate each horse. Even a quick look through the list and you will see that the judges can absolutely not take their eyes off the horse during the pattern which is why each judge has a scribe writing down the scores.

2017 Judges for Arabian Nationals Trail classes-

Cathy Callahan-Smith, Jonathan Vrabec, Cindy Reich, Kelly Alcorn and Ann Judge

The exhibitors have the pattern several days prior to the class. Before their class, they walk the pattern with the course designer and plan how to work each obstacle. Knowing the distances between the poles is important! The distances on these courses were: Walk poles 2 feet, jog poles 3 feet and lope poles 6 feet.

2017 Arabian Nationals Trail judges with course designer