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2017 AHA Convention

This week delegates from AHA clubs all over the country are heading to Denver for the annual Arabian Horse Association Convention. The dates are November 15-18th (Convention schedule here).While we wish we could join everyone in Denver, we have some exciting things going on here in NY this weekend, so we'll look forward to hearing from everyone as to hear how the vote on the various resolutions turn out.

In years past both Mike and were proud to be part of this process. Like all democracy in action, it can be frustrating and sometimes feels like a cumbersome way to get things done, but it does give everyone a chance to be a part of the process. If you wonder why we have the rules and programs that we have, it's because the members of AHA voted them in. AHA clubs and committees can submit resolutions to put forward to a vote. At past conventions I've heard everything discussed-from the pros and cons of the AHR/ IAHA merger, to the definition of the word "conservative" as it relates to hunt attire. From the definition of acceptable snaffle bits allowed on a Hunter Pleasure Junior horse, to the long fought battle to allow shoeing rules to adjust to the realities of larger horses entering the sport division. If there's a rule for it, there's a committee and probably quite a bit of debate behind it. This year there are 24 resolutions listed on the Resolution Log (click to get to the pdf file to see the Log), submitted from (among others) the Working Western, Sport Horse, Dressage and Equitation committees. In years past I can remember there being easily double that number!

If you'd like to see the actual resolutions, the easiest way is to the Convention page on AHA's webiste: click here!

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