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More Arabian Trail Finals-US Nationals

In an earlier post I featured "video ride time menus" indexing the video feed provided by Arabian Horse Live. In that post I spotlighted the winners of the Purebred Trail Open and the Half Arabian Trail Open - Junior Horse. Today, I'm shining the light on the Half Arabian Trail Open and the Purebred Trail-Junior Horse. In both cases, it's the same trainer!

Lou Roper won the Half Arabian Trail Open (both Western and English) on veteran trail competitor, nineteen-year-old AJ Sensational Magnum +//, owned by Meadow Rose Arabians. Lou also won the Purebred Trail Junior Horse aboard Abilene Mac V+, a five-year-old gelding owned by Susan Cavanagh.

Lou Roper and AJ Sensational Magnum+//

AJ Sensational Magnum+// and Lou Roper

The Arabian Horse Live video of the Half Arabian Trail Open can be found by clicking here and you can download the list of ride times for each competitor in that class can be found by clicking here. Unfortunately, when I try to view the Purebred Trail Junior Horse, the current link shows a combination of the Half Arabian and Purebred Junior Horse classes instead. I'll include the Purebred Trail Junior horse final video (along with a list of video times) here as soon as it’s available! In the meantime, I've created a menu for the Purebred Junior horses based on the current situation! This link and the download at this link will help you quickly navigate to the Purebred Junior horses!

2017 US National Champion Arabian Trail Junior Horse Abilene Mac V+ and Lou Roper

Abilene Mac V+ with trainer Lou Roper

I feel pretty comfortable stating that Mr. Roper had a damn fine show! In addition to winning the two classes I’m featuring here, Mr. Roper had three of the highest trail scores posted for the entire National show! According to the results as posted at the Arabian Horse Live site, the two highest scoring Trail totals were awarded to the Half Arabian, AJ Sensational Magnum+/, posting a 445.50 in the English Trail Open and an even more impressive 458 to take home the roses in the Purebred Western Trail Open. In terms of making a positive impression on the five judges, the five-year-old, Abilene Mac V+, was nipping right at his heels, scoring a total of 444 for the two go rounds and a win in the Arabian Trail Junior Horse.

The next National Trail classes I'll catalog will be the Amateur Riders!

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